I Found A Clash Royale Hack – Is It Safe?

Supercell which created the famous Clash of Clans has released a new real-time strategy game which has already topped the download charts. Clash Royale is highly similar with Clash of Clans because most of the characters in both games are the same. Although most players call it Clash of Clans 2, the similarities end there. Clash Royale is stealing some of the COC’s glory due to its amazing features. The game itself is already a wonder because it’s a combination of card and strategy game. A lot of hacks are already posted in the internet because most new players find the game complicated and very challenging. Here are some helpful tips to avoid losses for beginners:

Spend Coins Wisely

Gold coins are the currency used in Clash Royale. It is not earned by farming like in Clash of Clans so most gamers use a Clash Royale hack just to get their hands on free coins. Coins are earned by winning battles. The more battles you win, the more coins you can get. However, to get your free coins you need to unlock chests. Coin chests may take three to 12 hours to unlock.

Clash Royale uses gold coins to get more cards of the same character. This will upgrade your troops. The most downloaded Clash Royale hack is a coin hack to unlimitedly upgrade each card. You need to be careful when using a hack though. Not all coin hacks are safe to use as some will automatically remove some of your cards. Only upgrade what you think are the most useful cards on your deck for your battles to use your coins wisely.

Use Skeleton Attacks

Aside from the Giant Skeleton, Skeleton troops are one of the most powerful in Clash Royale. They are fast, susceptible to arrow attacks, and they don’t die quick. They do heavy damage in a few seconds especially when paired to other troops like the Giant.Use Spells Often

You won’t be using any spells in the early stages of Clash Royale. However, after a few days or a week of playing and upgrading your skills, you will be able to use the Freeze Spell. Freeze spell will freeze everything which makes it the best partner to Rage spell which you will get from arena 4. Rage spell increases the damage done by your troops. Use the combination before your game ends to win the battle.