On Whatsapp, Your Status Says Everything About You

It’s no mystery why people get hooked in WhatsApp. It is free and very easy to use and it has a lot of features that makes communicating with loved ones more fun and exciting. However, 80% of WhatsApp users do not put a lot of thought into their status updates. This means that we broadcast almost everything about us daily to our friends.

Your WhatsApp updates can make a person instantly know something about you including your age, interests, and even relationships. Sharing on your WhatsApp about your new tattoo or book, the movie you have watched, or the arguments that you had with your partner will make people who sees your updates immediately create a perception about you. Here’s the take of people to different type of WhatsApp updates:


People who mainly post about their milestones, things, and exercise are viewed by other people as narcissists. These are the people who love to seek attention in WhatsApp. When people in their contacts take time to notice their updates, they take delight and tend to post more about their achievements.


Conscientious people post status mainly about their partners or children. This type of people rarely updates their statuses and puts more time before posting their statuses. This type of WhatsApp users know that people has varying way of receiving their statuses.

Creative and Curious

People who are creative and curious has statuses about their political beliefs and their side on certain intellectual topics. Like the conscientious WhatsApp users, they also rarely update their statuses unless it’s something about their views on serious topics such as research and current events.

Low Self Esteem

People who post statuses about romantic partners, against adversaries, and difficult life situations are perceived by many as people with low self-esteem. Their WhatsApp updates wants to show how they are doing well or how their relationship should be envied. However, to most of their contacts these can be perceived as just their insecurities and anxieties.